Cape Coral Enlarged Prostate

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Cape Coral Enlarged Prostate

Cape Coral Enlarged Prostate
Resident of Cape Coral, enlarged prostate occurs to almost all men as they get older.  It is where the prostate gland has grown larger.  As the gland gets larger it can press on the urethra and cause urination and bladder problems.

The prostate surrounds the urethra, the tube through which urine passes out of the body.  It is the male reproductive gland that produces the fluid that carries sperm during ejaculation.

An enlarged prostate is often called benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) or benign prostatic hypertrophy. It is not cancer, and it does not raise your risk for prostate cancer.

Some symptoms of enlarged prostate are:

  • Dribbling at the end of urinating
  • Inability to urinate (urinary retention)
  • Incomplete emptying of your bladder
  • Incontinence
  • Needing to urinate two or more times per night
  • Pain with urination or bloody urine (these may indicate infection)
  • Slowed or delayed start of the urinary stream
  • Straining to urinate
  • Strong and sudden urge to urinate
  • Weak urine stream

Cape Coral men, enlarged prostate occurances can be frustrating and even painful.   Contact us at (239) 277-5770 or click here to setup an appointment immediately.

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